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How to install the Heimdal Thor Agent on MacOS

In order to install the Heimdal Thor Agent app, you must run the “HeimdalPackage.pkg” file.

The files can be downloaded from here:

- Production:

- Release candidate:


Installing the Heimdal Thor Agent 

After running the installer, you will be guided through multiple steps:


  • Click continue to begin the installation;
  • The next screen will provide you with the License Agreement;


  • You can switch between the 4 languages available: English, Korean, Danish, and German;
  • You also have the options of printing it or saving it as a PDF on the disk;
  • After accepting the EULA, a new screen will appear;


  • This will allow you to choose on which disk to install the application and also provides information about the required free space;
  • The main HD will be selected by default;
  • Clicking “Continue” will take you to an additional screen with information about the product;


  • Clicking Install will prompt you for your user password. This is necessary because the installer requires elevated privileges in order to configure the real-time protection services;


  • After introducing your password, the installation process starts. Wait for it to finish;


  • When the installation is finished it will display a success message and the Heimdal Thor Agent app will automatically start;


In order to open the Heimdal Thor Agent window, you must click on the Tray icon in the upper right corner of the screen:


  • This will open the agent in the middle of the screen where you will be forced to insert your License Key (Note: you must have internet access in order for the activation to work);


  • After the approval of the Heimdal license key, all of the protection services will start immediately and you will have access to the Heimdal Thor Agent features;


  • In the main overview screen, you can see general information about your computer’s health, how many days your license is available, and the current version of your product;
  • You can also request a new scan by clicking the “SCAN” button in the middle of the screen;
  • Note that the Heimdal Thor Agent application cannot be closed since it is necessary to always run in order to provide real-time protection. You can, however, minimize the window, or hide it by clicking the Tray icon. In order to bring it back up, simply click the Tray icon again;
  • You can also find the Heimdal Thor Agent app in the Launchpad, along with all the other apps installed.

Installing the Heimdal Thor Agent (silently)

After downloading the “HeimdalPackage.pkg” file, you can proceed with the silent installation.

1. Open the Terminal window (Note: it will ask for your user password) and run the command line below:

cd  /path/to/file/

2. Rename the application's filename with the Heimdal license key using the command line below:

mv HeimdalPackage-rc.pkg xxxxxxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxxxxxxxxxx.pkg

(We rename the filename to add the Heimdal license key to the installer. The filename format should be the following: xxxxxxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxxxxxxxxxx.pkg , where xxxxxxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxxxxxxxxxx is your Heimdal license key)

3. To install Thor, please run the command line below: 

sudo installer -pkg xxxxxxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxxxxxxxxxx.pkg -target  /path/to/file 

(if the current user has a password, a new step is required to fill in the password so the install process can run)

4. After hitting Enter, the product will be silently installed.

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