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Windows Feature Updates and Windows Quality Updates in Heimdal

Microsoft offers two types of updates for Windows 10: "feature updates" and "quality updates."


What are Windows 10 feature updates?

On Windows 10, features updates are technically new versions of the OS, which are available twice a year, during the spring and fall time frame. They are also known as "semi-annual" releases, and they're supported for 18 months. After the support cycle ends, you must upgrade to a supported version to continue getting security and non-security patches.


As part of the development process, Microsoft uses telemetry data and feedback from internal testing and participants of the Windows Insider Program to prepare the new version. Once the update passes the testing phases and proves to be reliable, the rollout begins to consumers and then to business customers through Windows Update as an optional update, which users have to install manually. However, devices with an installation nearing the end of service will receive the feature update automatically to maintain the system secure and supported.


Is Heimdal supporting these types of updates?

Heimdal is able to install automatically all the Windows Updates that are delivered via the Microsoft API (Microsoft Updates that are delivered through the Check for Updates button).


As described above, these Feature Updates, when they are first released, are optional and are not delivered through the Microsoft API, which means that Heimdal is not able to detect and install them automatically. After a while, when the Feature Update is closed to its end of life, Microsoft will start to deliver it via their API, which means that Heimdal can also detect and install them automatically.


What are Windows 10 quality updates?

Quality updates (also are referred to as "cumulative updates" or "cumulative quality updates") are the mandatory updates that your computer downloads and installs automatically every month through Windows Update. Usually, every second Tuesday of every month ("Patch Tuesday").


Unlike feature updates, these types of updates do not include new features, visual changes, or significant improvements. Instead, they are maintenance updates meant to fix bugs, errors, patch security vulnerabilities, and improve reliability with the current version of Windows 10.


Is Heimdal supporting these types of updates?

Yes, the Quality Updates or Cumulative Updates are automatically detected and installed by Heimdal.




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