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Heimdal™ Threat Prevention - Network (configuration)

In order to setup Heimdal™ Threat Prevention - Network in the Heimdal Dashboard, you have to access the Settings section -> Perimeter tab -> Threat Prevention tab.


Heimdal™ Threat Prevention - Network settings

Enable Threat Perimeter - enables the Threat Prevention - Network module

Whitelist - allows you to whitelist a domain/sub-domain for the users in your network


Blacklist - allows you to blacklist a domain/sub-domain for the users in your network


Access Rule* - add your Public IP Address(es) to filter traffic through our DNS Servers. Here you can specify a Public IP Address or a Subnet 

FILL CURRENT IP - automatically add your current Public IP Address in the Subnet field, getting it ready for being added as access rule

: Once a new Access Rule is added for a Public IP Address or Subnet, it will be whitelisted in our database. Removing it from the Access Rules will stop the filtering through our DNS Servers and could cause connectivity issues on your DNS Server if you are still forwarding traffic through the Heimdal™ Threat Prevention - Network.



Setting up Heimdal™ Threat Prevention - Network on your DNS Server

To set up your DNS Server(s) to forward traffic to the Heimdal™ Threat Prevention servers, you need to add the following 2 IP Addresses as DNS Forwarders: 

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