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How do I enable email alerts?


Add Admin Privilege alerts in the Account Miscellaneous Settings


Go in Dashboard -> Accounts -> Edit an account. You should be able to see it in the grid for your current account (if you're an admin or reseller), or in the view for another simple customer account.

A new option was added in account view, under Miscellaneous Settings, on Reports column, only for users that are not SuperAdmin, Admin or Reseller (see below screenshot).


If Admin Privilege module is not enabled from LicensingOption, then it will appear as greyed out, like on the screenshot. The default value is unchecked.

The behaviour is that for every Admin Privilege request made under a specific customer, the account manager will receive an email alert with a small amount of details regarding the request, if the option is checked. Mails are sent internally, as per each request.




In order for this to work properly, a few steps must be followed:


1. SETTINGS -> GROUP POLICY -> Heimdal™ Privileged Access Management, the option "Approval via Dashboard" must be enabled (se below screen shot). Depending on the type of access needed, the first or the second option can be checked.


2. ACCOUNT -> LOGIN EMAIL: must contain the email on which the client wishes to receive the alerts. 

3. ACCOUNT -> CUSTOMER: must be an Internal Account, and not a Reseller Account. This has been implemented, to avoid spamming Resellers mailboxes with hundreds of alerts coming from several customers at once.

4. ACCOUNT -> ROLES: all boxes need to be unchecked (as per below print screen).
















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