Online criminals hate us. We protect you from attacks that antivirus can't block.

Latest version 2.5.294 RC and 2.5.295 PROD


New products available:


Thor Mobile Security enriched with Antivirus functions:



We’re proud to introduce a new and improved version of our Thor Mobile Security for Android devices. So far, our product provided the DNS traffic filter function of Heimdal™ Threat Prevention - Endpoint Enterprise for mobile devices, but from now on it will also include the full range of malware prevention of Heimdal™ Next-Gen Antivirus & MDM, our award-winning Antivirus with a 100% detection rate.



Now you can keep protecting your network on all Android devices used by your employees as well. The seats included in your Heimdal™ Threat Prevention - Endpoint/ Heimdal™ Next-Gen Antivirus & MDM / Premium license can now be used for any Android based device. For questions or a demo, feel free to contact


Heimdal™ Privileged Access Management and Heimdal™ Next-Gen Antivirus & MDM now available on Mac OS:


That’s not all the good news we have!



Heimdal™ Privileged Access Management, the Privileged Access Management solution which helps make work easier and more secure for all your employees, can now also be deployed on endpoints using Mac OS.



Also, Heimdal™ Next-Gen Antivirus & MDM the next-gen Antivirus with a 100% certified detection rate base on code-autonomous detection algorithms can also be used on Mac OS endpoints.



You now have everything you need for building a strong cybersecurity architecture on your Mac OS devices as well as on your Windows-based ones.



Get in touch today if you’d like to find out more or try any of it for free in your organization.

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