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Uninstall Old Avira Drivers

This article is if you encounter issues with the AV module. 

First, you need to check if the client has the old drivers. You can do this by following the below path: 


The name of the drivers that you need to verify are:

  • avgntflt.sys
  • avipbb.sys
  • avkmgr.sys

 You need to check what version they have like below:

The old version:


The new version (from 2.5.300 and newer):


Download the attached zip file, unzip it on the hostname with the issue.

Run as Administrator "on-access-drivers-uninstall.cmd.bat"

The script will delete the files avgntflt.sys, avipbb.sys, avkmgr.sys from the computer. 

Reboot the machine. 

Install the new version of the Heimdal Agent. 




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