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Thor AdminPrivilege

This feature enables the user to request an elevation and use it just as if it was accepted by an administrator through the dashboard.

In order to enable this feature, the user needs to select Approval via the Dashboard from the same page as for Auto-mode.


Selecting the Require reason setting will display a popup where the user will have to input the reason for elevation.

The session length slider will define the number of minutes the elevation will last.

The Request admin rights item from the agent right-click menu will also launch the elevation process.


If a reason is required for the elevation, this popup will appear:


The reason should be longer than 2 characters.

If the user clicks cancel, the elevation process will stop.

If the user clicks elevate the elevation process will continue.

For this option, if the user clicks on the Elevate button, the request will be sent to the server, and a popup to inform him will appear:


After this step, a routine will start to check every 5 minutes to verify if a request was accepted from the dashboard.

After the request was made, an administrator can approve or deny it from the dashboard. In order to do this, we created a new page with 2 grids, for pending requested elevations and for those elevations that were used, denied or any errors occur.

The page can be accessed from the Home page, on the left side menu, in the bottom, at THOR ADMIN PRIVILEGE section, as in screenshot from below (marked with a red circle):


By default, the user will see the grid with elevations requested (PENDING APPROVALS), that need approval in order to be used. Still, he has the possibility to navigate to the History grid, by switching between those 2 tabs. For each grid, users can apply sort, search or filter by date, or export all data to a CSV report.

In Pending Approvals grid, users can sort or search data by Hostname, Username or Reason Given.

From here, any request can be accepted or denied by performing a single click on any button from the Action column.


If the request was accepted, the status will be modified, resulting in an update for the grid.


Also, in Agent, a popup will appear to inform the user that his request was accepted and he can start using the elevation. If an accepted elevation is not consumed in the next 24 hours, it will expire and the user will have to request a new one. Also, once an elevation request was accepted, it can be canceled from the dashboard.


From this moment, we will perform 2 checks every 30 minutes, in order to see if the request was canceled from the dashboard or it has expired. If the elevation was accepted and consumed, these 2 checks will stop.

Also, the same checks are performed when service is started.

If the user will click on Start Now, a new popup will appear to present session length:


In this time span, we will log all processes executed.

In the end, like on the Autopilot mode, the user will be informed that his session has expired at the end of the time.


If the request was denied, a popup will appear, to inform the user about this fact



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