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How to install the HEIMDAL™ Agent Mobile App?

If you want to install the HEIMDAL™ Agent Mobile App, please follow the steps below: 

Search for Thor Mobile Security App in the Google Play Store and tap Install


After the install, open the app, tap Next, followed by I have a license key / Try it for 30 days


Insert your license key/email address and tap ActivateStart Trial

Your Heimdal Thor Mobile app should be installed and running.


Once opening the Thor Mobile App, if you click on the three access lines, the following menu will appear:





1.  Threat Prevention

Home view:



- You can securely scan your device on the preferred time 

- On the DarkLayer guard option you are able to check your activity -and all the prevented attacks ( Click on View Activity)

- The VectorN Detection will show you how high is the risk of infection on your mobile. If you need more details just click on View Activity.



 DarkLayer Guard view

This option will show you ( as in the Dashboard) all the Prevented attacks from your device.

Also, you are able to check the list of Blocked domains ( and the specific time when they were blocked) and Whitelist the ones that you want to keep using.


mceclip2.png mceclip3.png



 Vector-N Detection view:

- You can check the current risk level from your device

- Below, the Thor Mobile App will show you the Patterns that were found, the Risk level for each one, and the Date when they appeared.





2. Next-Gen Antivirus 


Home view:

- You are able to scan your device anytime ( keeping your system always safe)

- Below, the Threat Center is split into two options: Infections and Exclusions.




By clicking on the Infections option you will see a list categorized by the names of the files and the date when they appeared.

The Exclusion list shows all the names of the files that have been excluded.


mceclip7.png        mceclip9.png



3. Settings view



- This view allows you to select the preferred options for your device.

- You are able to enable/ disable  anytime each one of the modules

- On the General Settings you can choose to Download updates only using Wi-Fi and also to receive Notifications every time your device is being compromised.




4. License Key

- After your 30 days Trial you can insert the license key provided from Heimdal.




5. Contact Support

- The App will provide you our email address ( and you can contact us for further assistance.





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