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Thor AdminPrivilege (Access Director Enterprise) install guide


This file will describe the steps needed for installing a licensed version of the Access Director.

Bellow are the download links: 

Access Director Enterprise 32 bit:

Access Director Enterprise 64 bit:



The following steps will describe the process that needed in order to install the Access Director application.

1.Install Orca

  1. Open the archive, and unpack its contents.
  2. Double click the Orca installer
  3. Follow the installer steps and install the complete version.

2. Update License info in the Access Director installer in Orca

Just run the Orca application, and open the Access Director installer by clicking the Open icon:


Select the Registry table:


Double click an empty row in the right side of the window and the Add Row popup will appear:


Set the following values:

  • Registry = License
  • Root = 2
  • Key = SOFTWARE\Policies\Basic Bytes\Access Director
  • Name = License
  • Value = The license key provided to you by Heimdal Security
  • Component = ProductInformation

After pressing OK, the new Row should appear in the Registry table. Save the file, close Orca, and the installer will be licensed for your company.

How to remove the existing users from the local admin group at Access Director installation:

Add another row and use the following values:

  • Registry = CleanLocalAdmins
  • Root = 2
  • Key = SOFTWARE\Policies\Basic Bytes\Access Director
  • Name = CleanLocalAdmins
  • Value = #1
  • Component = ProductInformation

  If you install the Reporting point, you will need to edit the following in the Registry under AuditURL in order for the client to send the information to the reporting point : 


3.Install the Access Director

Just double click the installer and follow the steps. After this, the Access Director will be installed on your machine.

NOTE: The license will need to be set on the installer using Orca only once, after this, the Access Director can be installed on all the computers you wanted to install on, without needing to redo the configuration.

In order to install the Access Director Reporting Point please see the guide bellow:

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