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Heimdal™ Next-Gen Antivirus & MDM Enterprise Resolution Status

When you access the  Heimdal™ Next-Gen Antivirus & MDM section in the Dashboard you can check the resolution statuses of the malicious files detected by the antivirus.


  • None

This message means that from the Group Policy the default action on infected or suspicious files has been changed from Quarantine to Deny or Allow.

Be advised that the Deny option is available only if Enable Real-Time Protection is activated in the Group Policy. 

  • QuarantinePending 
  • DeleteQuarantinePending 
  • ExcludeQuarantinePending 
  • RemoveQuarantinePending 
  • ExcludePending 
  • RemoveExclusionPending 
  • DeletePending 

These pending statuses mean that a change has been made on the file from the Dashboard and that the action is in process, while our servers communicate with the agent then report back the information. 

  • Quarantined 

It indicates that the detected file has been moved into quarantine.

  • Deleted 

This status is shown when the file has been removed from the computer.

  • Excluded 

The status represents that the file has been excluded and can be accessed without restrictions by the user. 


This resolution message means that Thor detected the file but it was removed from that path. Either the drive was ejected or the file was eliminated from that location.

  • ErrorDelete
  • ErrorQuarantine
  • ErrorExcludeQuarantine
  • ErrorRemoveQuarantine 

When Thor detects a file that is in use it will wait until a reboot is performed to run the task and if it cannot then one of the above error messages will be displayed. 

The recommended steps are to check the location to inspect if the file is there, if it is being used by another application and what are the permissions or restrictions to it, that block Heimdal™ from carrying out the job.

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