Online criminals hate us. We protect you from attacks that antivirus can't block.

Thor Vigilance Available Scans

With Thor Vigilance you can perform various scans in order to keep your computer clean of malicious files. Keep in mind that only one scan can be run at a time.

Quick Scan – scans critical OS locations and the most usual target folders which are known for virus activity
Active Processes Scan – scans the processes currently running on the machine
Full Scan – scans all the local files on the computer 
Hard Drive Scan – scans all files on the hard drive while ignoring the files on all external media types
Local Drive Scan – profile will scan all files that are hosted on the partition hosting the OS 
Removable Drive Scan – scans for the files that are on external sources like flash drives
System Scan – profile will scan system files only
Network Drive Scan – will scan LAN storage drives



For more information about Thor Home, please read this support article: Navigating The User Interface In Thor Home or access the Thor Vigilance product page: Thor Vigilance Home 

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