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Installation Errors: Account exists and Newer Version Detected

The specified account already exists.

The error "The specified account already exists" is encountered when you are trying to install the same version of HEIMDAL™ Agent that you already have on your machine.


Unable to install because a newer version of this product is already installed

When the message "Unable to install because a newer version of this product is already installed" is displayed means that you try to install an older release of Thor but a more recent version is still running on the computer. 



If you want to use a different license key, whether you upgraded from HEIMDAL™ Free or you have purchased a new subscription, there is no need to reinstall the application. You can simply open the HEIMDAL™ Agent then go to Settings -> General Settings tab and insert the activation code.


In case there are problems with HEIMDAL™ Agent and reinstallation is required, please go to Control Panel -> Programs and Features and from the list of programs select HEIMDAL™ Agent and uninstall it. Then continue normally with the installation process.


For further assistance, you can contact the technical support team via email directly at


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