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What Files Can I Add In My Antivirus Exclusion List?

In case you suspect that your antivirus is interfering with Heimdal Security’s functionality, you’ll need to add some exceptions to allow Thor to work properly.

Here are some examples of potential interferences:

The Heimdal services do not start at Windows’s start-up or the network adapter’s DNS is not set for some reason even if the Traffic Scanning is ON.

The files you need to add are located in this path: C:\Program Files (x86)\Heimdal (you need to add them one by one) 

- Heimdal.Agent​​
- Heimdal.AgentLoader​​
- Heimdal.ClientHost​​
- Heimdal.SecureDNS​
- Heimdal.UptimeChecker.exe
- Heimdal.AgentError.exe

Restart the computer and check if everything is working as it should!

For more assistance please send an email to our support team at with details of the issue.

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