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Heimdal 2.2.2

Release information


  • IPv6 support – Heimdal will support filtering on IPv6 infrastructures.
  • Solution for the yellow icon with "No Internet" on some Intel and Realtek LAN based network adapters, where internet access was present but not seen by the Microsoft Windows operating system. This requires keeping IPv4 Checksum offload disabled on the network adapter.
  • Implementing fix for AD DNS registration
  • Automated alerting of infected machines - Administrators will automatically receive email alerts about infections in their network (optional).
  • Weekly reports - Administrators will receive comprehensive reports on a weekly basis about their environment (optional).
  • Enhanced cross-cloud malware detection patterns and algorithms – To better detect APTs, Ransomware, Trojans.


  • Filter accuracy. The accuracy of the filtering mechanism was enhanced significantly in order to reduce the amount of traffic sent for cloud verification before a Block / Do Not Block command is executed. This enhances the performance speed and also reduces network and internet traffic load.
  • Blocked traffic drill down. The dashboard now allows a thorough drill down only into the blocked traffic of the endpoint, so threats can be more easily assessed.


  • .NET 4.6.1 is required. The Heimdal installer will install this if it detects it's not already present.
  • Windows XP is no longer supported.
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