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Configure your Heimdal settings in 2 easy steps

After the installation is finished the "Configure your Heimdal..." Wizard will appear. 

1. In the first window, you need to press the "Start Now" button so that you can start the configuration. 

2. In the second window, you'll be asked to select what software you want to monitor/autoupdate.

a. You can let the Autopilot do the job for you (this is what we recommend)

This means Heimdal will detect what software you have installed and it will monitor and autoupdate them if is necessary.

b. You can select the Custom option


 That means that you can manually check what software you want only to Monitor or what software you want to Monitor and Autoupdate.

see also Monitor Vs Monitor And AutoUpdate

Once you've selected the options that suit you press the "Next" button.

3. In the third window, you can select what notification Heimdal should display for you.

a. If the Balloon Notifications is set to OFF, you will never receive any notifications. 

b. If the Balloon Notifications is set to ON, you can select for what changes you'll like Heimdal to notify you.

Each notification has two help buttons:

- if you press the blue info button, you'll see a description of that notification

- if you press the green eye button, you can see how the notification looks like

After you finish with this settings, press the "Got it" button and the customization is over. 

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