Online criminals hate us. We protect you from attacks that antivirus can't block.

Configure Your Thor

After the installation is finished you can access Thor's Settings from the gear icon in the top right corner. 


1. In the first tab, you can adjust the settings for Thor Foresight.

  • Turn DarkLayer Guard and Automatically Disable Traffic Filtering on or off

  • Turn VectorN Detection on or off

  • Turn X-Ploit Resilience on or off and adjust the time interval when Thor checks for updates


2. The second tab allows you to adjust the settings for the Thor Vigilance antivirus.

  • Turn Thor Vigilance on or off and select the desired action when suspicious files or infections are detected

  • Turn Real-Time scanning on or off for your computer to catch both known and unknown threats.
  • Turn Real-Time scanning for network files and archives on or off. Be advised that these may slow down your network and CPU performances

  • Adjust the time interval when Thor Vigilance updates the new viruses interval. The minimum interval of 2 hours is recommended to be protected as soon as a virus is released online.


3. From the third tab in Settings, you can manage the notifications Thor displays on your desktop

  • Balloon Notifications - Turn on balloon notifications for Thor to find out when it detects and blocks a threat or when it updates one of your apps. You can also adjust the notification intervals by using the controls in this setting.
  • Malicious Traffic Blocked - Receive a notification every time Thor detects that your PC is trying to connect to a potentially harmful web location (website, server, etc.) and blocks that communication.
  • Software Updates - Receive a notification every time Thor detects and/or installs a software update for one of your applications.
  • Security News Alerts - Turn on Security News Alerts to receive notifications from the Heimdal Security blog. You can stay up to date with the latest online threats and take action to better protect your data.
  • Malware Infections – Receive a notification when Thor detects and blocks a potential malware threat in your outgoing and incoming Internet traffic.
  • Thor Vigilance – Receive a notification when Thor Vigilance detects an infected/suspicious file on your system
  • Scan Status – Receive a notification when Thor Vigilance starts/finishes a scan

Each notification has two help buttons:

- if you press the blue info button, you'll see a description of that notification

- if you press the green eye button, you can see how the notification looks like



4. In the fourth tab, you have access to the General Settings of the product

  • Thor displays information about your license type and its validity
  • If you have a FREE or Trial version of Thor, or in case you purchased a new subscription, here you can insert your key
  • We offer our product in English, German or Danish so you can switch to your preferred language
  • In case you want to swap between light or dark themes, you can do it from this Settings tab or by clicking on the icon with the 3 thunders in the left bottom corner
  • Among these mentioned options you can also turn on or off the Release Candidate that allows you to be a part of the RC program or to only have the stable versions of the product

  • For the more advanced users, Thor allows the usage of Proxy. Just click on the Use Proxy button and add the required information.



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