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Revoke and Unrevoked License Button

This option can be found in the Dashboard, on the Active Clients list.


This option allows the Account Administrator to revoke the Thor Foresight usage rights on a certain Host/Machine. This means that, once the REVOKE LICENSE button will be clicked, Thor Foresight will never receive the information from the Policies set in the Dashboard (you will be able to install Thor Foresight on that machine, but a policy will never again be applied to that machine).

If you decide to revoke the license for specific clients, click the green checkbox and you will be prompted to confirm this:


Once you pressed “Yes”, the machine for which you revoked the license will stop receiving information from the Group Policy and it will not be updated correctly. 

The machine can now be found in the License Revoked section:


If you pressed the Revoke button by mistake or you want to revert the action, you can always press the Unrevoked License button.


By pressing this button, you will give all the rights back to the machine that was removed from your Organization and after a reboot, the machine should receive again the Group policy you’ve set in the Dashboard.


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