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"Could not connect to HEIMDAL service!"


What are the troubleshooting steps I can try when the Heimdal service is unreachable?


The first step is to open the Local services and:

1. Click Start, click in the Start Search box, type services.msc and then press ENTER.

2. Check in services.msc if the Heimdal service is active and running.

3. If the "Heimdal Client Host" service is not running, please right click on it and choose "Restart".

4. If the Heimdal service doesn't start, then you don't have the appropriate permission to do this or there is another service interfering with it.





This step is more advanced and it starts by opening Microsoft Management Console:

1. Click Start, click in the Start Search box, type mmc.exe , and then press ENTER.

2. You will be prompted by UAC (User Account Control) to allow the MMC to make changes to the computer. Click Yes to allow it.

3. From the File menu, select Add/Remove Snap-in.

Check under mmc - Certificates - Computer Account - Personal and Trusted People if Heimdal's certificate is located there. If you cannot find Heimdal's certificate in any of these locations, then you have to reinstall Heimdal using the latest version from our website: Download Heimdal (secure link).



Next, set the appropriate exceptions in your firewall for all of Heimdal's processes and for the local install path.

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