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How to forcibly uninstall Heimdal via script with registry entries deletion.

The steps to uninstall every Heimdal Security version:

  1. Download the UninstallHeimdalAllVersions.bat and Run it as administrator.
  2. A CMD window will open and it will start uninstalling Heimdal software.
  3. Because this .bat file is created to uninstall all versions of Heimdal Security, it will search on the computer for a different registry key that is related to every version.
  4. At one point it will not find these keys as you might have the latest version installed and it will require your approval in order to continue.


The blue ARROW points to the keys that were searched but not found (because they are linked with older Heimdal versions and since there are not present on the machine it will provide the message you see in the screenshot)

The red ARROW points to the option that you need to take in order to confirm that the ERRORS above are already noted by you (since you know there are no other versions of Heimdal installed) and can be skipped.

     5. You need to type YES and press enter until all the ERRORS are “skipped”

     6. The CMD window will automatically disappear once it is done.

Now Heimdal is completely uninstalled from your computer.

The uninstall script must be run with administrative privileges!

The script is also uploaded bellow this article. 

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