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How do I check if my software is up to date?

Right after the installation process is completed, Heimdal will automatically scan your computer and see if your applications are up to date. There are two things that can happen once the scan is over:

If everything is fine, Heimdal will display a green welcome screen that means that all third party applications are up to date. It will also display the following message: “Your computer is healthy”.

If Heimdal detects that one of your applications is vulnerable, the welcome screen will turn yellow. It will also display the following message: “Your computer must be updated”.

If this should happen, in the "Patching System" tab, Heimdal will show you what application(s) was/were detected as vulnerable. An orange warning will be displayed when a software is vulnerable.

In the above example, Heimdal has detected that Adobe Acrobat Reader and Adobe Flash are vulnerable and it will start to update them automatically. A progress bar made of 3 dynamic dots is displayed when Heimdal starts to update an application.

If Heimdal detects that your credentials have been compromised, the homescreen will turn red.

The next step we recommend is for you to check the log by clicking the View Log button on the upper right corner of your dashboard. There you will see which areas you are most vulnerable in, so you take appropriate action.

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