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What can I do if my Antivirus is blocking Heimdal's traffic?

If you use antivirus software or another application on your computer that scans the browsing traffic, we recommend you set exceptions for Heimdal's processes and for the Heimdal local installer.

You have to exclude Heimdal’s processes:







and the local installer path where you can find them is: C:\Program Files (x86)\Heimdal.


!Highly important: Do not use Heimdal's Traffic Filtering engine in combination with another traffic scanning application because one will block the other and none of them will work 100%. We recommend you disable other traffic scanning applications installed locally before you enable Heimdal's Traffic Filtering engine.


Additionally, try to add these exceptions in your antivirus or firewall: with local port 80; with local port 443; with local port 443; with local port 443; with local port 443; with local port 443; with local port 1.


Exclusions for the following IPs:



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