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How do I upgrade from Heimdal FREE to Heimdal PRO?

When upgrading to Heimdal PRO, you get a License Key that you can use to activate your license (See: How can I get a License Key?).

It is quite long and quite difficult to type in manually. It is both easier and faster to copy it, and then paste it into the correct field.

Here is how it's done:

After purchasing Heimdal PRO, you will receive your license key by email. Hold down the left mouse key while dragging the cursor over the license key, so that it becomes highlighted. Then right-click on the highlighted license key and choose "Copy".

Now you can either paste in the license key directly during installation, OR, if Heimdal is already installed, it can be done in the Settings section in Heimdal. We'll show you how both methods work below:

Paste the license key during installation

The following screen will show up during the installation of Heimdal. Choose "I want to activate Heimdal PRO/CORP". Then right-click in the empty field and choose "Paste".


Then click on Activate.

Paste the license key into the Settings section

If you already have Heimdal FREE installed, you can upgrade to PRO as follows:

Double-click on the Heimdal tray icon to open your Heimdal dashboard.

Click the gear icon on the top right to go to Settings.

Click on the License tab in the left-hand menu.


Right-click in the empty field beneath the text "Enter new license key here" and choose "Paste". Then click on Activate.

If the above steps have been followed correctly, your Heimdal PRO license will be instantly activated.

If you should notice that nothing happens when you click on Activate, then it is likely caused by an additional space in the field for the license key. It will usually be located either at the front of the license key or just after it.

Delete the space and the license key should work perfectly.


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