Online criminals hate us. We protect you from attacks that antivirus can't block.

What Is Thor?

Thor is a security product launched in 2011 by the Denmark-based company CSIS Security Group. In early 2014, Heimdal Security spun off from CSIS Security Group and became a separate entity.

Today, Heimdal Security works with major corporations, public entities and banks across the world in fighting against organized cybercrime groups and their malicious actions.

Since its inception in 2011, Thor (formerly Heimdal) set new standards in financial malware detection by continuously following IT criminals' footsteps and by providing the best proactive security solution for organizations, as well as private individuals.

Thor takes a special interest in gathering market intelligence about cyber-criminal actions in order to provide clients with top protection against the most advanced forms of malware. Learn more by visiting the About page on our website.

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