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How to embed the Heimdal license key into the .MSI Installer using Orca? (for deployment)

If you intend to deploy the Heimdal Thor Agent in non-command accepting environments such as Group Policy Management and similar systems, you can add the Heimdal Security license key to the Heimdal MSI Installer.

The license key can be inserted directly into the Heimdal MSI Installer using Orca (which can download at the end of this article), as a row with the property ”HEIMDALKEY” and value ”your-license-key”.

Getting Orca ready

To download Orca, scroll down at the end of this article (or you can download it from here: and run the Orca MSI Installer. After the installation, open Orca, click on Tools, choose the Options, go to the Database tab, tick the first 2 options (Generate a unique Package Code each time a database is saved, and Copy embedded streams during 'Save As') and hit Apply.

Embedding the Heimdal license key into the Heimdal MSI Installer

1. Run Orca and open the Heimdal MSI Installer (we recommend using the latest Heimdal version found here:

2. In the Tables column, scroll down and look for the “Property” table. Select it, click the Tables menu on the Menu bar and ”Add Row…”.

3. In the popup window, add HEIMDALKEY in the Property field, paste your Heimdal license key in the Value field and hit Ok, as shown in the examples below:

4. To save the newly-edited Heimdal MSI Installer as a standalone MSI file with the embedded Heimdal license key, click ”File”, ”Save As” and save your MSI Installer with the desired filename. 

Remember that the Heimdal MSI Installer (with embedded Heimdal license key) includes your organization's license key and should only be used on computers that have been approved by the organization. Abuse will be monitored.

Here is an example of how to embed the Heimdal Security license key into the latest Heimdal Thor Agent MSI Installer.


The Heimdal MSI Installer created with Orca is meant for silent installation and the embedded Heimdal license key works only silently. If you run the Heimdal MSI Installer (that has the Heimdal license key embedded) manually, the installer will still ask for the Heimdal license key.

 See how to embed the Heimdal license key into the Heimdal Thor Agent MSI Installer:

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