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How do I renew my License Key?

Thirty (30) days before your Heimdal PRO license expires, you’ll get a “Renew” button in your product. Here’s how to find it and what it does.

Go on your taskbar and double-click on the Heimdal icon.

In the homescreen, in the bottom left corner, you’ll find how many days you have left from your subscription and, next to it, a button called “Renew”.

Click on the Renew button.

You can find this button in every screen of your Heimdal PRO product.

When clicking the Renew button, you’ll be automatically redirected to our Heimdal Security online shop, where you have to finish the transaction by following the payments steps. 

Once the transaction is completed, your Heimdal PRO subscription will be extended by one year. This information will also be displayed, after a short while, in the License tab (View Log -> License), and everywhere in the product, in the bottom left corner.

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