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How can I distribute a policy to an AD User group?

If you want to distribute a policy to an AD user group, you just need to create a new policy, name your user group (“Marketing”, in the example provided) and place the user group's name in the AD User Group field.

After this step, enable the policy from the Group policies menu for it to come into effect.


Please keep in mind, that each user can have only one policy. If you have two policies for the same AD Global Security Group, Heimdal will use only the policy with a higher priority value.



• Right now, the only AD group types that are supported are GLOBAL SECURITY GROUPS (COMPUTER OR USER)
• Nested groups as well as AD OU names are not supported for use within the Thor dashboard.
• The group names are case sensitive inside the Thor dashboard so for a successful bind, the names have to be an exact match.
• It is possible to have both fields AD Computer Group and AD User Group filled in for the SAME policy. However, this will make the policy extremely restrictive. It will only apply when both the computer and user membership requirements are met.


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