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How to install the HEIMDAL™ Agent (for Enterprise)

To start the installation process, you must receive account details from your Heimdal Security partner or Account Manager. They will inform you how to log in and use the platform.


How do I install the HEIMDAL™ Agent (for Enterprise) with GUI?

1. Download the HEIMDAL™ Agent from our secure website. (See also the Download Steps For Your Browser article)

2. Locate the Heimdal.DeliveryLauncher.msi file.

3. Double click on the installer.

Windows will prompt a UAC (User Account Control) security warning and you have to click on the Yes button.

4. Once you accept, Thor will initiate the installation process as in the photo below:

5. In the next step, you have to scroll down and read the terms and conditions, then the I agree button will become available.

6. After that, you can select the language of the application.

7. The next window, Thor will show you the default install location and provide you with the option to change it. You’ll also have the possibility to add Thor's shortcut to the desktop.

8. In the next step, the Heimdal Agent will ask for your license key that was provided by the Account Manager.

9. If your Heimdal license key is correct, you will receive the “Activation is complete” message, and get information about the type of license you have and its corresponding expiration date. Click on “Install” to finish the installation process. 

In case there are errors while activating the key, please read one of these articles: How Do I Activate My License Key? and Heimdal Security Activation Issue or contact us at 

10. Once the installation process is completed, you will receive the “Installation successful” message.

12. After you click on “Finish”, the installation process will be complete and the Thor icon will be displayed on the right side of the taskbar.



How do I install the GUI-less version of the HEIMDAL™ Agent (for Enterprise)? 

This type of installation enables administrators to manage from the dashboard all of the details of the Heimdal Enterprise's users, without showing the Heimdal Security icon in the system tray.

Administrators will be able to monitor and manage the following details directly from the Heimdal dashboard:

  • the number of software monitored
  • the number of vulnerabilities
  • total DNS requests
  • blocked traffic requests
  • the users' geographical location
  • the number and details of active clients - Operating System and IP
  • the number of licenses, etc.

The GUI-less installation is only available for Thor Enterprise users.

In order to install the GUI-less version of Thor Enterprise, you have to connect to the online Dashboard by going to and login with the credentials provided by your Account Manager.

Go to the GROUP POLICIES section and select the GP you want, then you will be able to activate the GUI-less installation that will take effect after you click on Update Policy and after the computers are rebooted.


How do I install the HEIMDAL™ Agent silently (for Enterprise)?

Open cmd as an Administrator and change your path to where the Heimdal MSI Installer is located. After this step, run: msiexec /i Heimdal.msi heimdalkey="2aaaa-2asaac-aaaaaa2-2aaaa" /qn 

Then you can check in Task Manager to see if the Thor processes have started:


How do I install the HEIMDAL™ Agent (for Enterprise) if I'm behind a proxy server?

Open cmd as an Administrator and change your path to where the MSI Installer is located. After this step run:

msiexec /i Heimdal.msi heimdalkey="keygoeshere" /qn proxy="Address=x.x.x.x Port=xy Username=cgt Password=1"

For these two parameters proxy="Address=x.x.x.x and Port=xy you have to add the exact IP Address and Port for accessing your proxy server.

You can copy these entries from your Internet Explorer Browser:

Then you can check in Task Manager to see if the Thor processes have started:


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