Online criminals hate us. We protect you from attacks that antivirus can't block.

What is the difference between Heimdal FREE and Heimdal PRO?

Heimdal FREE only has limited functionality, while Heimdal PRO offers the full benefits of our product in terms of protection against cyber security threats and attacks.

Heimdal FREE:

  • Keeps your vulnerable applications up to date and protects you from exploits.

Heimdal PRO:

  • Keeps your vulnerable applications up to date.
  • Secures your private financial data.
  • Checks your Internet traffic and blocks sending data such as passwords or credit card details to a malicious hacker server or website.
  • Detects and protects your system against the latest financial malware threats.

For more details, see the dedicated pages on our website for Heimdal FREE and Heimdal PRO.

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