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What Is The Difference Between Thor Free And Thor Home?

Thor Free only has limited functionality, while Thor Home offers the full benefits of our product in terms of protection against cyber security threats and attacks.

Thor Free:

  • Keeps your vulnerable applications up to date and protects you from exploits.

Thor Foresight features are:

  • Keeping your vulnerable applications up to date.
  • Securing your private financial data.
  • Checking your Internet traffic and blocking data such as passwords or credit card details being sent to a malicious hacker server or website.
  • Detecting and protecting your system against the latest financial malware threats.

Thor Vigilance capabilities are: 

  • Local signature and file-based scanning, that includes both scheduling or on-demand scans 
  • Real-time scanning powered by Machine Learning Detection 
  • Cloud-scanning for sandbox inspection to detect evolving threats and block them 
  • Heuristic and behaviour-based scanning to detect code changes and trigger alerts for potentially malicious activity, such as Zero-Day, Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs), and ransomware attacks. 

Thor Premium:

Gives you the power of Thor Foresight and Thor Vigilance combined – a unique threat prevention solution complemented by a true next-gen antivirus.


For more details, see the dedicated pages on our website for Thor Free and Thor Premium.

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