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What is the difference between HEIMDAL™ Free and HEIMDAL™ Home?

Heimdal™ Free only has limited functionality, while Heimdal™ Home offers the full benefits of our product in terms of protection against cybersecurity threats and attacks.

Heimdal™ Free:

  • Keeps your vulnerable applications up to date and protects you from exploits.

Heimdal™ Threat Prevention Home features are:

  • Keeping your vulnerable applications up to date.
  • Securing your private financial data.
  • Checking your Internet traffic and blocking data such as passwords or credit card details being sent to a malicious hacker server or website.
  • Detecting and protecting your system against the latest financial malware threats.

Heimdal™ Next-Gen Antivirus Home capabilities are: 

  • Local signature and file-based scanning, that includes both scheduling or on-demand scans 
  • Real-time scanning powered by Machine Learning Detection 
  • Cloud-scanning for sandbox inspection to detect evolving threats and block them 
  • Heuristic and behavior-based scanning to detect code changes and trigger alerts for potentially malicious activity, such as Zero-Day, Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs), and ransomware attacks.

For more details, see the dedicated page on our website for HEIMDAL™ Free.

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