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Heimdal Security Activation issue

In this article, you will find the solution for the most well-known factors that lead to failure when trying to activate Heimdal Security products. 

1. The Date and Time miss-synchronization - The fix can be found HERE.

2. Firewall blocking the installation - The fix can be found HERE.

3. Windows Mangement Instrumentation (WMI) failure - The fix can be found HERE.

4. Antivirus is blocking the installation - The fix can be found HERE.*

5. Thor Activation Failure In Relation To The Windows Platform FIPS Validated Cryptographic Algorithms - The fix can be found HERE.

*WE recommend you uninstall or disable the antivirus first and see if the activation works. If it does, please let us know. If it does not, please add the Thor Build to the exclusion list and try again. 

For further assistance please contact us at 

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