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Heimdal Security Old ApiKey

This article is a guide on how to get the Heimdal™ Threat Prevention - Endpoint  Enterprise ApiKey for the Heimdal’s Dashboard.

IMPORTANT: The ApiKey option can only be enabled or disabled by ADMINS/Account Managers.

1. Once it was ticked, now it should be available in the Guide section in Dashboard



    2. In order to generate a new key, you need to delete the existing one.



In the Your HS Api Key section, you will also find the links to the raw version of Dashboard

The type of API is a REST API that returns JSON. In conclusion, the API we provide can be integrated into any SIEM system that accepts JSON.


You can also save the page by pressing Ctrl+S and then open the file with Notepad.


For more information about the New API Key, access this Support Article: Heimdal Security API Key 

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